Welcome to Indian Business School Of Management
Indian Business School Of Management IBSM is one of the professional B-School established by Anusaya Foundation approved by Government Of Maharashtra. Though the Institute is in a state of infancy, it has come up very well with all necessary infrastructural facilities in a natural, serene environment away from the din of urban life.
We understand propagating the cause of higher education and extending it to rural and semi-urban areas is one way of contributing to the uplift of social welfare. This is truer today than ever before. Over the last decade or so things in our economy have started moving and changing fast. Geographical boundaries are losing their meanings. Production and pricing decisions are being influenced mostly by the dictates of market mechanism. In the present radically transformed and dynamic business scenario, technical and management education occupy a special place.
There is an increasing demand for technical and managerial skills. Talented and ambitious young boys and girls are learning fast the importance of making right decisions at right time as regards the type of education they should go in for. It is this sense of decision-making and the will to work hard that is most necessary for making one’s dreams come true. We, at the Institute, look forward to making our contribution in this regard. We, welcome you to this temple of learning. It is our sincere hope that in the Institute we, as a well-knit committed team, can contribute to making your dreams come true. We pray God bless us all in this endeavor.
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